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Frequently Asked Questions


Voting in the contest
Being in the contest
Sponsoring the contest
About me & the contest

Voting in the contest

What am I voting on?

Every day, we pull several hundred listings into the contest based. Most days we choose items by price based on what day of the month it is. For example on the first of the month, we vote on $1 items (between $1-$1.99). On the 2nd, the items are between $2-$2.99. On the 17th, they're between $17-$17.99. Fun!

Up to 25% of the items are from people who've submitted their stores and want to be in the contest, the rest are from random new listings from the marketplace.

The contest contains handmade and vintage items, but not supplies.

Who picks the items?

They're pulled automatically starting at midnight. As long as there are voters, there will be items every day.

What should I vote for?

You'll be shown two items, and you should pick the coolest/quirkiest/neatest/most creative one shown. Everyone has different taste, so everyone will vote a little differently, and that's okay!

What happens on Hue Tuesday?

Just to keep things exciting, we choose a specific primary color and grab items tagged with it. We only use basic colors like red, blue, pink, etc. Sorry, chartreuse fans. And we up the price range by $2 to make sure we have plenty of selection. For example, on March 4th usually we'd pick items from $4.00-$4.99, so on Hue Tuesday we pick items from $4.00-$6.99.

What happens on Welcome Wednesday?

Every Wednesday we pull from Etsy's newest shops. If your shop has been opened less than 60 days, you can sign up. If your shop has been opened less than 90 days, we might grab you from the database and include you anyway. Most of the random shops we pull from on Wednesdays are less than a month old, which makes it a great way to discover new talent so go give them some views! The price range is up to $50.

What happens on Theme Thursday?

We pick one keyword and search for items tagged with it. Themes can be anything from animals (unicorns!) to materials (yarn!) and aren't published anywhere in advance, because I can never make up my mind what the darn theme should be until the last minute.

What happens on Swanky Sunday?

We vote on items that cost more than $31, based on where we're at in the month. So on the first Sunday it's things I probably can't afford, and by the last Sunday it's stuff that I definitely can't afford. To find out what's coming up check out the signup calendar.

Are the items shown all for sale?

All the items are for sale on etsy at the moment we put them into the contest. After that they may be sold or expire. I don't remove them, because I think the artists deserve credit for awesomeness even after the item isn't for sale. Go find something else in their shop you like.

Are items ever removed?

Sometimes. We try to finish all removals by 10am so the replacements have a good chance to compete. The goal of the contest is to find really great unique handmade and vintage items. With that understanding, we may remove an item for and reason we choose, including (but not limited to):
  1. Custom/reserved listings without much detail for the public
  2. Supplies that somehow sneak in (it happens)
  3. Anything not handmade "enough", consisting of only a few commercial supplies assembled as they are in a not terribly unique way.
  4. Vintage items that you can still get today
  5. Patterns, PDFs, digital downloads, graphic design (it's just not stuff)
  6. Anything that we just don't like. Around 10am, we do a clean sweep of stuff that just isn't winning anywhere.

Can I use the winners in an etsy treasury?

Well it's a free country, I won't stop you. But you might check my treasuries first because when I'm super-inspired about a day, I'll sometimes make one, and you don't want to look redundant.

How are the winners ranked?

I'm playing with that algorithm a bit, but right now it's win percentage + total wins. That way if something wins 16/17 contests, it'll be ranked higher than something that wins 5/5 (even though 5/5 is a higher percentage) or something that wins 18/36 (even though 18 is more wins). Make sense? I'm still taking suggestions.

Being in the contest

I have an etsy shop, can I be in the contest?

Yes. If you sign up we'll make it a point to check your shop from time to time.

What if the day I want to sign up for is full?

On Saturdays, we allow 20 shops to sign up on a day, so you might check back. Otherwise you'll have to wait for next month, or just hope you'll be picked randomly (we do still check shops that aren't signed up for the day, based on your price range).

What do I get if I win?

Love! Fame! Admiration! That's pretty much it.

What happens if I lose horribly?

Nothing, you can try again. We don't show a "list of losers" for everyone to make fun of, that's not in the spirit of the contest, and half the time an item does poorly it's just because we accidently pulled a reserved or custom listing, or an add-on for another product, or something like that. It doesn't mean you're bad at etsy, it's just luck of the contest. Remember this is just for fun!

Can I vote for myself? Can my friends vote for me?

Sure. Use this form to get a link to send to your friends. It will bring up the item for you that we've got in the contest:
Of course, that link only gives them the option to vote for you, there's always the risk of them liking the other item better! And if you have tons of votes, we prioritize votes from established people who've been here before, so having a million friends might not get you the win. But it helps!

How do I know if I'm in the contest?

One good way is to follow @etsycontest on twitter where we call out shops that are in the contest.

You can also type your shop name into this box, bookmark the resulting page, and check back periodically. If you check after noon the day after your contest, it'll tell you what place you were in:
As of April we tried turning on email notification, so make sure your email is filled in when you sign up.

How often can I be in the contest?

If I feature an item in your shop, I won't let you in again for the next three days.

How often can I resubmit my shop?

You can come back any time and tell us one upcoming day to pick your shop. After that day passes, you might want to come tell us another one.

But even if you don't do that, we'll still check your shop periodically forever. We'll save your information and you'll likely get picked from time to time. You don't need to resubmit. Even if you lose horribly and everyone hates you, you will have another chance as long as you have new listings on Etsy.

I was pulled randomly into the contest. Am I signed up to be re-checked periodically?

No, only shops that sign up will be specifically checked. Go sign up.

My shop has items over $50. Can I be in the contest?

Yes, you'll be in the Sunday contests. To find out what's coming up check out the signup calendar.

Does it cost anything to be featured?

No, I don't intend to start charging anyone anything. Let's just have fun! If you can help promote the contest by posting it to your teams, facebook friends, followers, etc that's worth more to me than any silly entry fee anyway.

My items are not priced in US dollars, how's that work?

We convert currencies to USD when we pull items for the contest. In other words, an item that's 1,400 Japanese yen will be in our $17 day contest no problem.

There is a slight bug if you have a very rare currency. When you sign up for the contest, the form automatically detects your range of shop prices ("your shop has items between $10 and $25"). If your prices are in USD, GBP, CAD, EUR, AUD, NZD, JPY, SEK, PLN or DKK the form will convert prices for you. Otherwise it won't, and you should convert these to US dollars yourself, that way we're not checking your shop on $5 day when your items are all $20 or more. Right?

Sponsoring the contest

Are you accepting sponsorship?

Yes. There are five spots at the bottom of the main voting page that I'm giving to people who can help spread the word about the contest by blogging about us.

What are the requirements?

You must have a well-established blog, meaning it's a few months old and you post once a week or so. There must be evidence that someone actually reads it, like comments or other good social networking ties.

You also must have an etsy shop with active listings.

Email if you're interested.

Can I buy a spot?

While you're welcome to make me an offer, right now I'd rather see the contest get more popular so I'm really focusing on publicity.

How often will I be featured as a sponsor?

There are currently 30 sponsor spots and we feature 5 at a time, so you'll be shown about once a week.

Will sponsoring the contest help me win it?

No. Winning the contest is a mystery that I will not help anyone cheat at.

I'm a sponsor, how do I tell you what image to show for my shop?

This option is added for you when you use the sign up page. You can't change your image on the day you're featured, but you can set it up for what we'll use next time. The image must be based on a listing that's set up in your shop.

About me

Why'd you do this?

Honestly, I love to shop on etsy but I'm not exactly wealthy, so I'm looking for deals. I go browsing and have $5 to spend and want to know what's the coolest thing I could get with $5. It's probably a hidden find, that I won't find through ads or the front page, and this contest is great for just pulling a bunch of random stuff from shops that have fallen under the great etsy radar.

I have more questions!

For questions or complaints, email or convo me on etsy.

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